Services we provide include:

  • Residential/Commercial Tree Services
  • Specialization in tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Planting trees and flowers
  • Providing details about the health of your trees and making recommendations
  • 24 hour emergency service

Tree Trimming and Pruning will involve paying close attention to the below factors by:

  • Removing all dead and dying branches and branch stubs.
  • Removing all broken or loose branches.
  • Removing branches that rub and abrade a more important branch.
  • Removing branches with a weak structure that are not important to the framework of the tree.
  • Branches which, if allowed to grow, would wedge apart the junction of more important branches.
  • Branches forming multiple leaders in a single-leader type tree.
  • Branches near the end of a limb which will produce more weight or offer more resistance to wind than the limbs are likely to support.
  • Selective removal of undesirable sucker and sprout growth, paying specific attention not to nick or damage the sprout “burl.”
  • Selective removal of one or more developing leaders where multiple branch growth exists near the end of broken or stubbed limbs.
  • Selective removal of limbs obstructing buildings or other structures.
  • Removal of branches which project too far outward beyond an otherwise symmetrical form. This includes branches that project too far out beyond the tops of tree crowns as well as the sides of the crowns.

Please give us a call at 850-739-0203 to set up a time and day for an estimate. You can also send us an email at or you could also use our ‘Contact Us’ feature on this website to connect.